Monday, April 4, 2011

TWO BLOG AWARD'S!!!!! Wooo! Hoooo!

HI Everyone ~ I would like to announce that I received two Versatile Blogger Awards. I feel very honored to have received these awards from two very talented ladies. Sonia at Archiving Angel and Natasha at Crafting with Natasha! Both of these ladies have tons of talent and Sonia has a Whimsical Wednesday Challenge blog, which I know will be awesome. Natasha has a wonderful crafting area in her basement and she is a design team member of Amber's Crafts and Stuff ~ Wooo Hooo!
Both ladies will inspire all of you!

I am a bit tardy in responding to these awards. I want to follow the rules for this award properly so I have been visiting blog sites and seeing so much talent out there. I have a total of 30 sites for all of you to visit and get inspired. So here goes!

The rules to this award are:
1.) Thank the person who gave it to you
2.) 7 things about yourself
3.) Send it to 15 other bloggers

Thank You Sonia!!!!

Okay, seven things about myself. Here goes...

1. I love being home scrapping and card making.
2. I love being with my husband.
3. I love seeing a smile on someones face when I give them a homemade card or a scrapbook for a special time in their life.

4. I have to admit that I love watching old western on TV.

5. I not too good at growing things outside but inside I love growing house plants. I have had some now for about 35 years. WOW! that's kind of scary! LOL!

6. I love to search the internet for super good deals on scrapping supplies! Lot's and Lot's of them. LOL!

7. I love to have my coffee on Saturdays and check out all the wonderful blogs I follow along with discovering new ones. It doesn't get any better than that!

It took me awhile to gather 30 wonderful sites to share with all. I got wrapped up in looking at all of their post, which I might as were wonderful and fun to look at and read about. They have all inspired me and I learned techniques that have come in very useful. For the first award here are the first 15.

1. Carol's Sweet Creation
2.La Georgia Paperie
3. Craftin Geek
4. Scrappin My Stress Away
5. Gilby's Craftster
6. My Scrapbooking Hide-Way
7. Cricutology
8. Me-Ma Kims Place
9. Sparkled Memories
10. Empty Nest Boutique
11. Miss Pink Cricut
12. Deliteful Gifts
13. Made By Misha
14. Moon Scrapper
15. K William Kreations

Now for the second Versatile Award!

The rules to this award are:
1.) Thank the person who gave it to you
2.) 7 things about yourself
3.) Send it to 15 other bloggers

Thank You Natasha!

Okay, seven things about myself. Here goes...

1. I love milk chocolate, I have tried to love the dark chocolate, but only in Dark Milky Ways. LOL!

2. I love looking for antiques that appeal to me.

3. I love using my little printer that print out different sizes of pictures to make mini albums out of Altoid tins.

4. Spring is my most favorite time of year. Everything is just waking up and turning green. Ahhh!

5. I love sitting and petting my dogs they make everything seem better.

6. Spaghetti is my favorite food.

7. I love playing with my Gypsy. Yeah!

Here are my next 15 other sites that have inspired me and I am sure will inspire you. Hope you all have time to visit their blogs.

1. Debican
2. Creative Diva
3. Simply Cricutting
4. Yadda Yadda Mama
5. Counting The Days
6. Scraps by Ownhomedog
7. Create Me Pink
8. The Crafting Misfits
9. More Than Stamp & Ink
10. The Country Life
11. Creativity Heals
12. Scrappin Rabbit Designs
13. Scrapbook Speedway
14. Lissi's Little Details
15. Trace Elementz

WOW! I am so excited for everyone that I am giving this Award to since they are all so talented and have inspired so!

Happy Crafting!


Creative Diva said...

Hi Cindy Lou!
First off- Congrats on your two awards! Your an amazing and talented person with the fun crafts you do. Thank you so much for thinking of me as passing this award. I will definitely posted soon. And congrats to all the other talented ladies who are receiving this award.


Gopi said...

Thank so much Cindy Lou!

I'm flattered :) Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm following you back. Hope to visit all the other blogs you've seeing new blogs :)

Be sure to check out the surf blog post on my blog. It's a great way to find new pages and attract more people to your page in return :) Hope you join us!

Scrappin Rabbit Designs said...

Hi Cindy Lou, thank you sooo much for giving me this award! And Congratulations on your two awards! Also a BIG Congratulations to all the other ladies, if I don't follow you already I will be visiting you soon to check out your blogs.


Misty said...

!st congrats on winning! 2nd, Thanks for passing it on to me!! 3rd, koodos to you, I just saw someone get FOUR and she just clumped them and only passed to 15 NOT the 60!!. Thank you SO much! it took all day but my picks are up and I journey on to tell them!
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

Tiffany said...

Congrats on winning your awards (you totally deserve them) and thanks so much for passing one on to me :)

Tiffany -

Tracey said...

Thankyou so much for the blog award you gave me. And Congratulations on the ones you received!


CraftyJAR said...

Congrats on the blog awards. I'm your new follower.

Scrappin Rabbit Designs said...

I have an award for you! Please stop by.


joni said...

Great blog! Congrats on your two awards and for passing one along to me! THanks so much!!! And thanks for visiting my blog!

Creative Diva said...

Hi friend!

Just letting you know how incredible you are! Just wanting to let you know that I have an award waiting for you at my blog. Please check it out.


Scrappy Beads said...

"Momo Sent Me"... Just poppin' in to say "Hi"... and take a look around. My first time here and a new follower... *Ü*. I'm looking forward to visiting with you often.
**Lots of Hugs**
P.S. I ♥ your creativity... *Ü*!

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